Chapel Pointe's Response to COVID-19

Regulations for senior living communities are changing on a weekly – and sometimes daily – basis due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The nature of this pandemic has meant that we have had to be strict in our infection control policies while simultaneously nimble in our operations to meet the constantly evolving recommendations.

Chapel Pointe has always prioritized infection control practices and has an excellent track record of preventing infection. Our staff are committed to continuing and building upon our already excellent infection control policies and implementing all mandates as quickly as possible.

We make all Coronavirus-related decisions following the guidance and mandates of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Health (DOH), LeadingAge PA, and both local and federal governing authorities.

Our culture of person-centered care means that our residents and staff are our top priority. We are doing everything within our power to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Chapel Pointe is leading the way in long-term care testing in Cumberland County. We were the first local long-term care community to preventatively test all residents in personal care and skilled care and all staff for COVID-19. The results showed that 100% of staff and residents were negative for COVID-19.

In addition, we test new residents and employees prior to entry into our community. We also have a process in place to diagnose and test residents in Personal Care or the Households if they present any symptoms of illness.

If we encounter positive test results, we will work with and follow the guidance of the Pennsylvania DOH, the CDC, and CMS. We’re committed to providing excellent care for all residents.

We also will inform staff, residents, and family members of the total number of cases. We value the privacy of our staff and residents, so we will not release information about individual diagnoses. We have established TV updates to residents three times a week and written communication/emails to families every Friday. We will use these means to continue to keep our Chapel Pointe family updated. 

Some of the major operational changes we’ve implemented since March 12, 2020 include:


  • All non-essential and non-medical visitors are banned from entering Chapel Pointe buildings. All essential personnel who enter the building must wear a mask and report directly to reception or a nurses’ station to undergo screening, logging, and a temperature check.

  • Deliveries and mail is dropped off in the alcove at the main door to reduce the number of people entering the main building.

  • If you need to drop off medication, supplies, or groceries for your loved one, please coordinate drop off and pick up at the door, so you do not enter any Chapel Pointe buildings.
  • We’ve set up some computers in personal care and the households to use for video chatting. If you want to video chat with your loved one call the nurses station.
  • We’ve built Chatter Boxes so family members may have protected outdoor visits with their loved ones. To promote infection control, these are by appointment only. Please schedule Chatter Box visits in Personal Care with Reception at 717-249-1363. Please call the Household Team Rooms to schedule Chatter Box visits with residents in the Households.
  • Part of Chapel Pointe’s social responsibility during this pandemic includes continuing to welcome new residents to our campus. Seniors have a need for our services now as much as ever before. Often, when we welcome new residents, we free up a hospital room for someone else in need. If you or a loved one need our services at this time, please call us at 717-249-1363 to discuss our move-in procedures in light of our current infection control policies. Please know that all new residents will be tested for COVID-19.



  • Residents must wear masks when they exit their rooms or receive care.
  • We have halted all group activities and practice social distancing during our one-on-one activities and ministries. To provide entertainment and enrichment, we ramped up our internal TV channel use and the offerings on our Community App.
  • We’re preventing crossover between levels of care and keeping residents and staff in their respective Household, Personal Care building, apartments, or townhome.
  • We encourage residents to enjoy individual time outdoors, but otherwise, residents should only leave for medically essential reasons.
  • The Households and Personal Care implemented staggered dining. With two seatings, we can practice social distancing in our dining rooms.
  • We are delivering noon meals, groceries, non-grocery supplies, and mail to independent living residents.
  • We call all independent living residents each week to check in, monitor their health, and determine how we can meet their needs.
  • We have begun to open some community spaces for independent living residents only. Anyone using these spaces must abide by posted social distancing and infection control policies.
  • Therapy provides treatment in household and personal care residents’ rooms. They only welcome one independent living resident into the therapy suite at a time.



  • Chapel Pointe staff are essential employees who will continue to report to work as usual to care for and provide for the needs of our residents.
  • All staff must wear masks while at Chapel Pointe. Direct care workers who use surgical masks must come to and leave work in a fabric mask to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • All of our staff (not just our front-line teams) receive annual training in proper use of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and infection control practices, and they’ve all been re-educated in 2020.
  • We're eliminating co-mingling among residents and staff in different levels of care. This means that staff are working within a single level of care.
  • To promote social distancing and eliminate co-mingling among levels of care, we divided staff by department and assigned different computers for clocking in and out and different rooms for eating meals during breaks.
  • We have been monitoring and continue to track our PPE supply. We have the PPE we need for the immediate future and are building our supply so that we are prepared for the future.
  • If you are interested in working at Chapel Pointe, we are still accepting new applicants. Please do the following to prevent the spread of infection:
  • Check our website for available positions and download an application here.
  • Submit your application via email or mail it to:

Human Resources Department
Chapel Pointe at Carlisle
770 South Hanover Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

Do not “stop by” to drop off or check on an application. Please be flexible. We may conduct interviews over the phone or make other changes to our normal hiring process at this time. Call 717-249-1363 if you have any questions.

Responding to COVID-19 requires a serious response by our whole society. Thank you to the army of people who sewed hundreds of face masks for us. Thank you to the people and companies who have donated other PPEs and have encouraged our residents and staff with notes and treats.

Thank you to those of you who are taking this virus seriously, are practicing social distancing, are using a face mask and proper hand hygiene, and are praying for our community.

Your sacrifices and efforts help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and, therefore, enhance Chapel Pointe’s efforts to keep our vulnerable residents healthy.



We asked residents and staff in all levels of care to try to look at our current circumstances in a new light and see the blessings around us. We combined all of our insights into this video that we hope will encourage you today.