Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

A community that nurtures your spiritual growth

From our foundation in 1944, faith has been tightly woven into the fabric of our community. From pausing to offer encouragement to giving a comforting hug, you’ll notice that our faith drives us to go above and beyond the world’s expectations. We strive to love unconditionally, assist humbly, and lead with a servant heart.

Come explore opportunities to grow spiritually. A team of chaplains, staff, volunteers, and residents – led by Community Pastor Steve Motter – seek to meet the spiritual needs of every resident.

As a resident, if you cannot attend a service, you can still participate by watching the services and programs on Chapel Pointe’s closed-circuit TV channel.

Spiritual activities

  • Prayer meetings
  • Bible studies
  • Pastor-led devotions
  • Hymn sings
  • Stamp ministry
  • Missionary presentations
  • Service opportunities
  • Christian concerts
  • Worship services
  • Holy communion


May 2022 Chapel Speaker Schedule

“Chapel Pointe offers many opportunities for Christian fellowship and spiritual growth.”

— R. and J. Hower