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2018 Country Fair
Lindsay DeBien
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2018 Country Fair

Bringing Smiles and Laughter to Our Whole Family

Colorful flag banners gently danced to the beat of the bluegrass tunes floating on the breeze. They clung to tents which cast a pleasant shade on about 175 residents, staff, volunteers, and family members who mingled effortlessly, enjoying Chapel Pointe’s annual Country Fair.

The event, held on July 19 this year, brings the entire Chapel Pointe family together for an afternoon of music, food, fun, and laughs.

While the Joe Crispell Group strummed and sang a mix of gospel and popular bluegrass songs, many people sat enthralled. From her wheelchair, one woman clapped along, motioning to those around her to join in. Within seconds, she had half of her tent keeping the beat along with her. The music lifted the soul, engaged the mind, and inspired the body. The band even ended with a resident request, a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

A speckling of cowboy hats and plaid adorned the party-goers, and the food rounded out the country fair theme. Everyone snacked on fair favorites like mini corn dogs, funnel cake fries, ice cream, and watermelon.

Some residents visited the food stand then took their snacks back to their patios, where friends joined them for an afternoon of conversation.

Not everyone spent the afternoon peacefully listening to music. Near the rear of the tents, the maintenance staff waited as “country outlaws” by an old-west-style jail where they invited residents to squirt them with water guns.

One-by-one residents started wandering over to try the sport. Egged-on by the uproars of laughter, residents soon formed a line to soak the staff. By the end of the Country Fair, energizing music played from the front while streams of water shot back and forth across the back of the party as spectators doubled over in laughter.

This year’s Country Fair offered something for everyone! We hope seeing the pictures will bring you joy like we experienced on that beautiful day.
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