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Carlisle Town Band Unites Through Music
Lindsay DeBien
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Carlisle Town Band Unites Through Music

Outdoor concerts at Chapel Pointe flood the whole campus with beautiful melodies. From under tents, upon balconies, below porches, at picnic tables, and even the comfort of an air-conditioned room with the window cracked, residents from throughout the campus gathered on Monday evening for a concert by the Carlisle Town Band.

The sun dipped just low enough to create a shade that - coupled with soda floats – kept the audience comfortable during an otherwise hot day.

The Carlisle Town Band offered a superb and heartfelt performance. Band director Dave Rohrer paused to explain the music and provide context about how and why the songs were written, which gave the medley meaning and helped the audience experience the emotion of each piece.

To salute the veterans of Chapel Pointe and honor the passing of Sen. John McCain, the band played a U.S. Armed Forces medley, inviting those who have served in the military or who have stood by family as they served in the military to raise their hands or stand. It is an honor to have many veterans living at Chapel Pointe!

Thank you to the Carlisle Town Band for sharing your musical talents with our Chapel Pointe family.

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