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Chapel Pointe’s Newest Service Wins Best of Cumberland County

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Chapel Pointe’s supporters knocked our socks off by selecting Chapel Pointe at Home as the best in-home care provider in “The Sentinel” newspaper’s Best of Cumberland County contest. What makes the honor remarkable is that we launched Chapel Pointe at Home in 2018 and will not celebrate its one-year anniversary until Sept. 1!

75th Anniversary Celebration Illuminates the Heart of Chapel Pointe

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On July 14, Chapel Pointe celebrated 75 years of service, but it wasn't our community that stole the show. “It’s been 75 years of dependence on the Lord, complete dependence on him, because we know that what we are celebrating today is not our successes. It’s not our achievements. It’s what God has chosen to do here over 75 years,” said Debbie Sprague, CEO.

Diamond Anniversary Reveals God’s Truths on Two Sides of the World

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“Whenever we’re able to plan an activity where residents can actually engage in knowing that it has a purpose - that they’re doing it to serve someone else - that’s always rewarding for all of us,” Debbie Sprague, CEO, said. Keep reading to discover how Chapel Pointe's 75th Anniversary makes a difference here and abroad.