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A Holly Jolly Staff Christmas Party
Lindsay DeBien
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A Holly Jolly Staff Christmas Party

During this busy holiday season, staff paused to enjoy each another’s company, celebrate Christmas, and honor employees who reached milestone years of service in 2018.

The culinary team served a buffet feast and welcomed many of Chapel Pointe’s 180+ employees and their guests to lunch and dinner parties. Of those employees, 22 reached landmark years of service this year, including 12 people who have faithfully served at Chapel Pointe for 10 or more years.

“I like my job and the people I work with and the residents. Chapel Pointe is fair and treats you well,” said Cecile Eppley, housekeeper. Of the employees who reached milestones this year, Cecile’s dedication was the longest. Over the past 30 years, we estimate that she has washed nearly 1.4 million pounds of laundry for Chapel Pointe!

Thank you to all of our 2018 years of service honorees, including Cecile Eppley, Shanna Burdge, Prudence Suders, Nancy Mossberg-Krone, Deborah Sprague, Wendy Kramer, Alice Brantner, Leann Jonas, Linda Wolfe, Brenda Boyce, Jessica Willhide, Shannon Graybill, Rebecca Bowling, Brooke Bowser, Tabetha Fetterman, Kim Humer, Courtney Mathieson, Nigel Rector, Carole Bishard, Bradford Weiser, Paula Giles, and Bernard Allen.

Amid jovial Christmas caroling and competitive games of Christmas Song Pictionary that kept the whole room laughing, Chapel Pointe employees paused to remember the true meaning of Christmas. When God sent his son to be born as a baby, He gave a present unmatched by all others: an opportunity for humanity to experience everlasting love. Will you accept this gift with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning?

Thank you to all of our Chapel Pointe employees who work day and night to love and serve our residents. Your presence at Chapel Pointe is truly a gift to our community!

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