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Benefits of Respite for Caregivers and Loved Ones
Lindsay DeBien
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Benefits of Respite for Caregivers and Loved Ones

If you care for a loved one, you’ve probably experienced one of life’s highest honors and simultaneously greatest challenges. An estimated 53 million adults in the United States are caregivers. Of those, 26% have experienced difficulty coordinating care. One in four caregivers find it difficult to care for their own health. Remember, you’re not alone. You may have more options than you realize.

A personal care respite stay can benefit both the caregiver and the person receiving care in many ways.

While staying at home with a caregiver may be the ideal long-term option, with personal care respite, loved ones gain:

  • New friends and a wider support network.
  • Social opportunities with peers which reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Enrichment activities that challenge abilities and develop strong bodies and minds.
  • A comfortable introduction to the aging services field.
  • Space to improve relationships. Often, when caregivers and their loved ones take a break from living under the same roof, their relationship thrives.
  • For loved ones who silently worry that they’re a burden, respite care can offer a sense of peace as they experience the joy of seeing their caregivers live life outside of caregiving.

You are important, too! Caregivers also benefit from respite:

  • You are more than a caregiver. Take time to reestablish your sense of self and invest in the things that make you, you. Rest and relaxation bring joy and revitalization.
  • Taking a step back can help you to keep a proper perspective and may help you to think of new or better ways to do things.
  • Restore your health and well-being by catching up on your own doctors’ appointments, sleep, or household responsibilities. A break can relieve stress and improve blood pressure.
  • Battle feelings of loneliness or isolation by making time to engage with friends and your support network.
  • Taking a short break provides refreshment that enables you to continue to provide the best care for the long term.

Asking for help when you need it (and better yet, before you need it) is an act of love that benefits everyone in the long run.

Benefit from Respite With Chapel Pointe

Chapel Pointe is a faith-based continuing care retirement community. We commit each day to serving and enhancing the quality of life for people aged 62+ in Central Pennsylvania. We’re honored that our greater community sees the servant-heart of our nonprofit organization and consistently selects Chapel Pointe as “The Best of Cumberland County.”

Sometimes, everyone needs a little extra help. During a four-week respite stay at Chapel Pointe, experience quality care, delicious meals, and every benefit of living in the personal care Homestead. Bird-watch from the gazebo, take a quiet moment in the chapel, join a friend for games in the sunroom, meet up for lunch in the dining room, feed the outdoor turtle, or play some tunes on the living room piano.

Contact us to learn more about Chapel Pointe or personal care respite.

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