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Nyack College Alumni Gather at Chapel Pointe
Lindsay DeBien

Nyack College Alumni Gather at Chapel Pointe

Dozens of Nyack College alumni reunited at Chapel Pointe on March 1 and told stories of living on “The Hill,” realizing their calling, and in some cases, meeting their spouses at the college one resident fondly called “Dr. Simpson’s matchbox.”

International workers to Thailand and alumni Rev. Ed and Sue Danneker were visiting Chapel Pointe and able to attend the lunch, making them the farthest from home out of all of the alumni present. Seventeen Chapel Pointe residents and staff connected with multiple generations of alumni and enjoyed a presentation by Mike Scales, Nyack College President, and Jeff Quinn, Nyack College VP for College Relations.

As a surprise, Nyack College recognized Ruth Lewellen as the attendee who graduated the longest time ago. A member of the Nyack College class of 1948, Ruth studied music and majored in voice. She raves of her time at the school, sighting Dr. Lee Olsen (who used to reside at Chapel Pointe) as a wonderful teacher and department head. She added, “Of course, I met my husband at Nyack, so that was pretty outstanding!”

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