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Residents Create Ruckus in Honor of Friends
Lindsay DeBien
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Residents Create Ruckus in Honor of Friends

Armed with pots and pans, the independent living residents of Chapel Pointe lined the campus Friday morning and made a joyful ruckus, drawing staff out to the porches. Signs of thanks speckled the crowd and shouts of praise rang out among the clanging of pots.

The Chivaree honored the staff of Chapel Pointe for all of their hard work and sacrifices, both at work and at home, to keep Chapel Pointe residents safe and meet their needs during this difficult time.

“Staff were overwhelmed and most had tears in our eyes as we were able to see our resident friends from a distance for the first time in a long time. Their demonstration of appreciation gives us the strength to keep going,” said Debbie Sprague, CEO.

The jubilee came two days after Sprague announced the results of Chapel Pointe’s preventative COVID-19 testing last week: 100 percent of staff were negative for the virus! While no staff or residents at Chapel Pointe have symptoms, the testing was aimed at helping Chapel Pointe to stay ahead of the virus.

“When I saw Debbie’s update, and she said our staff all tested negative [for COVID-19], she gave a little clap. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness; they deserve so much more than a little clap!’” resident Kitty Forrest explained. She spent the next day coordinating the celebration. “What a wonderful thing our staff are doing, and the banging of pots seemed like a good way to celebrate them.”

While the economy steadily opens up across the state, offering hope to thousands of people, the senior living industry hunkers down for a long journey full of masks, mandates, and monitoring. Today, the independent living residents of Chapel Pointe offered hope and reminded us that we have the power to make a difference each day.

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