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Safe Ideas for Celebrating Thanksgiving 2020
Lindsay DeBien
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Safe Ideas for Celebrating Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving needs to look different this year because you cannot gather in person with everyone you love, but that doesn’t mean the holiday has to be less meaningful. While the turkey is traditionally the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, this is the year to refocus on counting your blessings and valuing your family and friends.

As you plan to celebrate apart from your loved ones who live at Chapel Pointe, consider trying one or more of these safe Thanksgiving ideas for 2020:

  1. Card Shower – Have each family member send a card to your loved one listing a reason you’re thankful for him or her.
  2. Photo Bomb – Have everyone send an updated family photo to your loved one over Thanksgiving week. (Make sure someone sends an album to collect the pictures.)
  3. Thanksgiving gift basket – There are so many great scents, flavors, sounds, and sights during autumn. Create a gift basket that captures some of them.
  4. Create Something to Share – Get matching Thanksgiving centerpieces, flameless candles, lotion, or soap for your home and your loved one’s home so you feel connected each time you see or use the item.
  5. Watch the virtual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Tune in and hop on your phone so you can still talk about all of the balloons. Details are here.
  6. Drop off a favorite treat - If you’re famous for your pumpkin pie, cranberry relish, or green bean casserole, drop off a serving for your loved one to enjoy.
  7. Make a playlist - Music can lift the spirit! Drop off a CD or send your tech-savvy loved one a link to a YouTube playlist you made.
  8. Watch the Big Game - Does your family always watch football game together on Thanksgiving? Try calling each other every time something exciting happens. Everyone feels cherished when they know someone is thinking about them.
  9. Go Catalog “Window” Shopping – Remember the days of old when you could circle everything you wanted for Christmas in a catalog? Request some catalogs for your loved one to use to make a wish list instead of going Black Friday shopping. Here’s a list of stores that still have printed catalogs.
  10. Play a Virtual Game – If your holidays always include a family game, try moving the game to your smartphone or computer. Google “apps for virtual game nights” for hundreds of options to select from for your family.
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