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Strong Ties Help Residents Take to Chapel Pointe like a Duck to Water
Lindsay DeBien
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Strong Ties Help Residents Take to Chapel Pointe like a Duck to Water

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Connections weave us together, tying us to unexpected experiences and people. These connections paved the way for Don and Esther Weidemann to move to an independent living apartment at Chapel Pointe. Those same threads continue to enrich their souls as they dive into life at Chapel Pointe.   

Years ago, Esther’s parents and two of her aunts worked at - and later moved to - Chapel Pointe. In January 2020, after moving into their 2-bedroom apartment, Don and Esther discovered even more connections. 

Some residents served alongside the Weidemanns as overseas missionaries. Other neighbors had known their family or were old friends from years ago.

“Chapel Pointe is a familiar place, and all of our memories and experiences here had been very positive, so it was a natural place to look to,” Esther said.

Despite the pandemic, the Weidemanns have easily built relationships. As they tend to their garden, they chat with fellow gardeners. Regular walks around the campus provide both physical and social benefits. When exercising in the fitness room, Don often runs into residents working out and staff working nearby.

“Our staff here is awesome! We put in a work order, and in almost no time, one of the guys was here to fix our shower,” Don said.

By using Chapel Pointe’s Community App, residents submit work orders from their personal devices with a few clicks. The app also provides instant access to the activities schedule, menus, resident and employee directories, and various other resources. Residents who prefer a less tech-savvy approach can get the same information in print or by calling the receptionist.   

With all the bustle of life, Don finds peace and quiet time while bird watching.

“Bird watching has served as a huge escape for me, it is a way to relieve stress, get off the grid, and to be alone or spend time with the Lord,” Don said.

He first got interested in bird watching while serving as a missionary in Hong Kong; he was fascinated by all the birds in the trees and how God created each and every one of them.

Don quickly discovered the limitless supply of bird books and that bird watching is a hobby you can do anywhere in the world. Scroll down to enjoy some of his local bird photography!

Moving to Chapel Pointe helped the Weidemanns to rekindle old friendships and build new relationships. Those connections and Chapel Pointe's just-like-home feeling helped Don and Esther to take to Chapel Pointe like a duck takes to water.

Learn more about building your own connections at Chapel Pointe with a virtual or in-person tour.

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