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A Walk Around the Block: Explore and Embrace Historic Carlisle, Pa.

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When moving to a new place, it becomes home.

With excitement and freedom to explore, Chapel Pointe resident Don grabbed his camera and headed out with his wife to explore Carlisle, Pa., which USA Today named the fourth Best Historic Small Town in the United States.

Here are some of the interesting things they found.

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5 Common Financial Mistakes in Planning for Senior Living

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If you’re a natural planner—and even if you aren’t—you may be wondering how to approach retirement planning, especially as it relates to your living situation. Particularly if you’re hoping to take some of the stress and cost out of your senior living equation, you may be considering moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). But how much will this cost? Can you afford a CCRC? What is the best way to save for senior living?

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Sisterhood Strengthened Through War and Peace

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Emma Neights and Nelly Petersen once shared the same last name, Beierle, and are sisters by blood, but even more importantly, they share an immense bond and lasting friendship.

Born in the country now known as Moldova only years before World War II, Emma and Nelly were forced to grow up quickly and to take care of each other. “I never had a childhood,” Emma chuckles. 

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9 Benefits of Small-Scale Gardening in Retirement

Show Off Your Green Thumb

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One of the best parts of retirement is that you have plenty of time to partake in the hobbies you already love—and try out new ones as well. If you count gardening on your list of interests, you stand to benefit from improved physical fitness, mental health, social opportunities, and even a healthier ecosystem. You don’t even need acres of land to do it: you can enjoy small-scale gardening in your senior living community, free of heavy lifting. Gardening can even boost your quality of life ...