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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions each January, you may also be on the hunt for exciting ones with maximum potential for positive impact. If that’s the case, starting a new career in the new year may be just the fresh, bold move you’re looking for. Although they don’t get much attention in the media, senior living careers can be among the most secure and fulfilling in the job market. If you love helping people and would like to use your skills in new ways, consider applying for a job at a senior living community near you.

Types of Jobs Available at Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities employ a wide variety of workers. Some roles require a relevant college degree or professional training, and some require only the right personality and skill set. Here are some examples of the types of positions available in a senior living community:


  • Medical care. Medical care professionals can include doctors (often neurologists and geriatricians), nurses (RNs and LPNs), medical technicians, and nursing assistants (CNAs). Therapists are another key component of caring for residents’ medical needs. Physical, occupational, and speech therapists strengthen, support, and build confidence to help residents live well. 


  • Mental healthcare. Good mental health is key for aging well, and relevant senior care professionals include psychologists, counselors, and licensed clinical social workers.


  • Non-medical care. Non-medical caregiver and aide jobs provide daily support and company for seniors. The exact titles for these roles may vary by organization, but all wear multiple hats in ensuring a good quality of life for residents.


  • Administrative work. Whether serving as the face of the community or behind the scenes, administrative assistants, medical records technicians, interns, receptionists, and managers are key to facilitating a welcoming culture and smooth operations at any senior living community.


  • Teaching. An education background can benefit both staff and residents of senior living communities. Staff need regular training to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date so they can provide the best care possible. Residents often enjoy classes in everything from art and music to traveling and history. Consider using your skills to enrich the lives of seniors and promote good brain health.


  • Personal aesthetics. If you’re a hairdresser, manicurist, or other form of licensed beautician, you can use your skills to keep seniors looking and feeling their best. This can boost residents’ self-esteem and be beneficial to their overall mental health. You’ll be offering seniors a chance to socialize as well.


  • Food service. Senior care communities employ chefs, nutritionists, kitchen managers, cooks, servers, and a variety of other food service workers. Anyone who understands the power of good food and high-quality service knows what a difference a good meal can make in nourishing the hearts and bodies of older Americans.


  • Operations. Just like any community, it takes an army of people working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. From finance and information technology to human resources and marketing, professionals in many fields can find an important role to play in senior living communities.


  • Building services. A large part of feeling comfortable and at home revolves around the physical environment. Housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and landscaping team members cultivate an environment where residents feel safe, secure, and free to be themselves.

Reasons To Work in a Senior Living Community

Whether you’ve spent a significant amount of time visiting a loved one in a senior living community or are simply interested in serving older populations, there are plenty of benefits to working in senior care. Just a few major reasons to explore jobs working with senior citizens include:


  • Making a real difference in the lives of senior citizens. If you’re a people person, have excellent attention to detail, and understand how the little things can make someone’s day, you can make a world of difference at a senior living community. Regardless of your role, you’ll be helping residents enjoy their golden years in good health, happiness, comfort, and companionship. You’ll also be able to offer peace of mind to seniors’ family members.


  • Enjoying job security and growth. The direct care workforce for senior living communities is expected to experience robust growth between now and 2030. This is due in part to the fact that many Baby Boomers are now entering these communities and that each generation tends to live longer than the last.


  • Teaming up with caring, talented coworkers. When you work in a senior care community, you’ll work alongside warm-hearted, thoughtful coworkers who are also creative problem-solvers. You’ll be able to share your struggles, triumphs, and insights with other staff members, all of whom are also working to provide outstanding care.


  • Exploring opportunities for professional growth. Senior living communities employ people in many different fields. For this reason, senior community professionals get exposure to a wide range of care-related career options, which can help them to decide which aspects of care interest them most. Some organizations also offer additional training or networking opportunities.

Start a Meaningful New Career With Chapel Pointe

Chapel Pointe is a faith-based continuing care retirement community. We commit each day to serving and enhancing the quality of life for people aged 62+ in Central Pennsylvania. We’re honored that our greater community sees the servant-heart of our nonprofit organization and selected Chapel Pointe as “The Best Place to Work in Cumberland County.”


Since the beginning, our team's mission has been to ensure that every resident is treated with love and the utmost respect. Experiencing our core values—trust, integrity, faith, service, and innovation—lived out every day at Chapel Pointe reassures seniors that they are making the right decision by welcoming us into their lives.


Chapel Pointe is looking for dedicated, caring people who want to help others live vibrant lives. Is that you? Consider a new career in the new year and apply for one of our available jobs today!

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