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Sometimes, moving to a senior living community is stigmatized with the idea of losing independence or freedom. Chapel Pointe residents Don and Esther Weidemann moved to their independent living apartment with the exact opposite mindset.

When moving to a new place, it becomes home.

They knew that moving to Chapel Pointe meant that Carlisle, Pa., would also be their new home. With that excitement, Don grabbed his camera and headed out with Esther to explore Carlisle, which USA Today named the fourth Best Historic Small Town in the United States.

Their exploration helped them to understand “the layout of the land” and get a feel for the local culture and people. An avid photographer, Don takes pictures of places when he first arrives to capture what sticks out to him.

“When you see things for the first time, you see how it is different from other places, and it can be more unique or interesting,” Don said.

Don’s photography highlights much of Carlisle’s charm, quirks, traditions, and more. Take a peek at the photos below, along with some tidbits of unique and interesting facts about Carlisle, Pa., which was founded in 1751.


Neighboring Houses with Varying Architecture

The neighborhood around Chapel Pointe is extremely diverse in its architecture. Homes in the Carlisle Historical District range from Late Victorian, Classical Revival, Commercial, and Art Deco. A majority of the houses in this district were built in the late 18th and 19th centuries.   

Old Public Graveyard

Many of the tombstones in this cemetery date back to the 1700s. This is where Molly Pitcher, the heroine who fought in the Revolutionary War, is buried. Mary Hays McCauley, who received the nickname Molly Pitcher from carrying water to the soldiers in the war, was born and lived in Carlisle, Pa., her entire life.

Carlisle Ice Fest

The Carlisle Ice Fest has been a Carlisle tradition since 2017. Every February, the downtown streets shine with lights and unique ice sculptures. People come from all over to visit the sculptures, shop at unique local businesses, and dine at more than 70 restaurants.

Carousel Horses

The Pomfret Group in Carlisle has dedicated the downtown Pomfret Street to the arts. Visitors can spot a variety of painted carousel horses lined down the sidewalk along with a variety of murals, funky painted buildings, sculptures, and more. Pomfret Street gives Carlisle much of its quirk and personality.

Car Shows

With around 12 events every single year, the car shows are always big happenings in town. Residents line Hanover Street to watch the parades of antique and souped-up cars. Carlisle is like a mecca to car collectors and fanatics all over the United States. 

Famous People

Carlisle is home to a variety of well-known people. Continental Congress Representative James Wilson who signed the Declaration of Independence; PA Representative and Politician James Armstrong; Revolutionary War Continental Army Major General John Armstrong, Sr.; and Presidential Cabinet Member to Ulysses S. Grant, James William Marshall, are all buried in the Old Public Graveyard. Athletes Jim Thorpe and Billy Owens also grew up in Carlisle, Pa.

Dickinson College 

Founded in September 1783, Dickinson College has been a part of Carlisle’s history from almost the beginning. It holds the distinction of being the first college founded in the newly formed U.S.A. It continues to enrich the community with its cultural and educational opportunities, athletics, brilliant minds, and beautiful architecture. Dickinson has helped to build much of Carlisle’s character and history.


Photography Credit: Resident Don Weidemann

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